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Sight Reduction Tables Selected Stars (2020) HOC2491
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Utgave for 2020

These tables were designed for air navigation, but they are increasingly popular with sailors due to the fact that at most only three books are needed, and that Vol. 1 offers a speedier way to compute stars.

The Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation consist of three volumes of comprehensive tables of altitude and azimuth designed for the rapid reduction of astronomical sights in the air. The present volume (Volume 1) contains tables for selected stars for all latitudes, calculated for the epoch of 2010, and replaces the previous edition calculated for the epoch of 2005. It is intended for use for about 5 years, when a new edition based on a later epoch will be issued. Volume 2 for latitudes 0°- 40° and Volume 3 for latitudes 39°- 89° are permanent tables for integral degrees of declination. They provide sights for bodies with declinations within 30° north or south of the equator, which includes the Sun, the Moon, the navigational planets and many of the navigational stars.

26,5 x 21 - Paperback



Amerikansk firma med spesiale på  klassisk navigasjon. Produserer sekstanter og tabellverk.

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