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Motorboat Competent Crew & Day Skipper - DVD V1057
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This video covers all the basics you will need to be a competent crew member, or to skipper a motorboat on short passages in daylight and in decent weather.

This programme makes sure you â?¬Ë?know the ropes' and considerably more. Of course, there's more to motorboating than can be covered in one programme, so you won't know it all....but that's what makes it such a fascinating hobby!

Navigation, Weather and more detailed aspects of motorboating are covered in other Amberley Marine programmes.

Covers: Outside Forces - Engines &Controls - Paddlewheel Effect - Three Golden Rules - Starting An Engine - Leaving A Berth (Shaft) - Leaving A Berth (Outdrive) - Swinging Moorings - Coming Back To An Alongside Berth (Shaft) - Coming Back To An Alongside Berth (Outdrive) - The Crew's Job - Warps - Anchoring - Preparing For Sea - Man Over Board - Rules &Regulations

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