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The Troller Yacht Book - A powerboat's guide to crossing oce X10375
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"The discomfort of sitting out in a cockpit and drifting at a half knot all night in the rain doesn't bother you when you're 22. But today, well, I don't want to repeat the experience. In fact, I no longer want to sit out in a cockpit at night and drive a boat at all; rain or not, even with an engine running.

Today I want a cruising powerboat with a snug pilothouse and a diesel chugging along at no more than a fast idle burning a gallon or so an hour as it pushes me along at 6 knots or better" The backside of the book with the undertitle: A Powerboater Guide to Crossing Oceans Without Getting Wet or Going Broke.

192 pages - 24 X 16 cm - Hardback.

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