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Erik Hesselberg (1914–1972), Kon-Tikis navigator, was a colourful man who had many a good story to tell about his adventurous life at sea and as an artist.

«I know a joyful painter. He is a big, hefty chap who can play the guitar and is full of fun. I know him from boyhood days and have had his company on many a walk with ­sleeping bags in the mountains at home...» writes Thor Heyerdahl

Erik, being Thor’s childhood friend and having obtained a navigator’s licence, was an obvious choice for the Kon-Tiki expedition. After the Kon-Tiki voyage he built himself a seafaring vessel «Tiki» and left for the Mediterranean Sea where he lived for many years. Here he painted and wrote. Here he composed his own guitar music and songs. Here he met many of the well-known artists such as Tati, Simenon, Cousteau and Picasso and began a long collaboration with his artist friend Carl Nesjar.
«When I read through Erik’s book, as a fellow member of the Kon-Tiki expedition, I relive the entire expedition where the events emerge in a lively an humorous form which will undoubtedly appeal to both adults and children. Erik’s ­drawings speak louder than words.»
 Knut M. Haugland, radio operator Kon-Tiki

«The American philosopher Henry D. Thoreau said that if a man went at a different pace to his companions it could be because he heard a different drummer. Erik went at a slightly different pace from others. The Kon-Tiki voyage suited him perfectly. He had plenty of time to play his guitar and sing, compose songs, draw and carve wooden sculptures. Erik had many talents. He was an outstanding watercolourist and ­artist – and he was exceptional «raconteur» — storyteller. «Kon-Tiki and I» radiates a warmth seldom matched by other travel tales»   Carl Nesjar, artist

«Kon-Tiki and I» is Erik Hesselberg’s humorous, informative and highly personal account of his voyage from Kirkebakken Borre to the Polynesian Islands.

The book became popular worldwide and has been translated into more than 15 languages.

Flyt Forlag

Flyt Forlag

Flyt Forlag gir ut bøker om verdens eventyrlige seilaser. Seilasene vi leser om og drømmer om og som noen av oss også gjennomfører.

Bøkene fra Flyt Forlag kommer i et fast og forholdsvis lite format og får plass selv i den minste bokhylle ombord i en båt eller i jakkelommen! Noen av bøkene er fremdeles i softcover, men med godt papir og ekstra smussomslag er de langt mer «eksklusive» enn en tradisjonell pocketbok. De fleste er imidlertid nå innbundet, med en fin silketråd til å holde rede på hvor langt du er kommet.

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